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Gas Tanks

Power Your Profits with Marathon Petroleum

We know that gasoline is critical to the success of your business or organization, and for over 85 years we’ve been the oil jobber that South Florida has relied on to keep the gas flowing. From large agricultural customers to small mom-and-pop operations, our many loyal customers are a major source of pride for our company. You can rely on our excellent reputation to deliver fuel for your retail outlet, construction site, or government fleet safely and on-time.

The Products You Need

Our Clewiston, Florida, business has all of the Marathon-branded gasoline that you need for both retail and wholesale, including:

• Regular
• Unleaded Plus
• Super Gasoline
• Off-Road Diesel Fuel (Dyed Diesel)
• Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (On Road Diesel)
• Jet Fuel
• AV Gas
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid
• Antifreeze
• Industrial Lubricants
• Grease

Mobile Tank Delivery

Keep your fuel supply safe on-site with our portable tanks. We provide mobile tanks, cases, and drums to secure your fuel or oil on your construction job site. In addition to Marathon products, our company carries Exxon Mobile Lubricants. Bulk delivery is available upon request.

Portable Tank With Lubricant
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